What does a Business Broker Provide? 

A Business Valuation

Determining the value of your business requires both knowledge of valuation methodologies and an understanding of the landscape of buyers. A good broker will know how to properly normalize your income statement and how to apply a multiple-of-earnings assessment.  BizEx provides a complimentary valuation with no commitment.  A good  broker will also know whether your business is a candidate for a strategic acquisition, and how to price it accordingly. Finally, buyers prefer to purchase businesses represented by a professional because the financial information has been vetted by a third party.  


An experienced broker will know how best to position your business to attract qualified buyers. Quality marketing materials, including a “teaser” summary and comprehensive business review (CBR) of the business, will help attract the best buyer candidates and weed out unsuitable buyers.  BizEx has over 15,000 buyers registered on our web site.  We will also anonymously list the business on multiple business for sale web sites.  

The Right Buyer

The universe of potential buyers for your business may be wide and diverse – from individual entrepreneurs, strategic acquirers, private equity firms, and aggregators. There are pros and cons to each. A good broker will have in place a robust buyer network, as well as resources to reach additional candidates, so the right parties are at the table. Additionally, a good broker will  screen buyers to ensure they have the financial wherewithal to acquire your business, and the right skills to operate it. 

Negotiation Guidance

Purchase price is just one component of an offer.  A broker can help you navigate terms, make informed decisions, and communicate effectively with the parties involved. Additionally, business acquisition negotiations can be emotionally charged. An experienced broker will help the parties keep emotions to a minimum and keep the process moving  toward a mutually beneficial outcome. 

An Efficient Process

Most business owners have their hands full just running their business. So, it makes sense to out-source much of the effort to a professional.  A broker will help you avoid any business performance issues that might emerge if you are pulled in too many directions during the process.  At BizEx we handle all initial buyer questions and only bring the most qualified buyers to the table keeping you free to run your business.

Confidential Dialog

A sales process requires disclosure of confidential information to multiple parties. Without the assistance of a broker, it can be difficult to confidentially engage with potential buyers.  A broker can manage this  with a “blind teaser,” followed by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before any information is exchanged.  Bizex manages all of this electronically by having buyers register on our web site and sign an NDA.  We then link a listings confidential  information  to the buyers account.  This allows us to avoid sending confidential business documents via email to numerous people and give business owners real time visibility into all potential buyer activity


There are a number of legal documents involved in a business sale transaction, including an NDA, Letter of Intent (LOI), and Asset or Stock Purchase Agreement (APA or SPA). While it certainly makes sense to engage an attorney when developing documents, a broker can help defray legal costs with access to boilerplate templates, past agreements, and a working knowledge of the key terms and opportunities for negotiation. Finally, a broker can guide all parties and the process for a successful transfer of assets at the conclusion of a successful sale.